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October 17, 2010

Indentured Labor in British Guiana

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The BBC did a documentary titled “Coolies: How Britain Re-invented Slavery”. It’s mostly about Indian indentured labor world wide, but significant parts document the story as it pertains to British Guiana.

Several of the factoids mentioned are quite gruesome but recounted in a very pleasant manner.

You can view it on YouTube here.

Or download it in high def here.

Clipper Ship

Cane Cutting

Loading the Punts with Cane

You can read much more from John Edward Jenkins 1838-1910

in his book:
The Coolie his rights and wrongs

Notes of a journey to British Guiana, with a review of the system and of the recent commision of inquiry.

Published 1871

“A hundred thousand hogsheads of sugar per annum in the world, more or less, is a tittle compared with the question – Wether the toilers who produce it are wronged and unhappy?”

Available from Google Books here.

The coolie his rights and wrongs

The coolie his rights and wrongs


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