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October 23, 2011

Mackenzie – High Def Satellite Image

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Microsoft has finally caught up to and passed Google with their mapping imagery. At least as far as Mackenzie, Wismar and Christianberg are concerned.

Click picture to go to Microsoft's "Flashearth" and high definition

To use the map, first click on the picture above (if you right click you have the option of opening in a new tab or window), brief pause while your browser opens the map page, the fun now begins… first left click anywhere on the map, then you can move by dragging and zoom with the mouse wheel.

Have fun looking into everyone’s backyard.

Probably for the first time you can see the Bauxite mines.

I can see the spot at Kara Kara creek where we used to do some serious playing as kids.

I never knew there were lakes behind Christianberg, makes me wonder if they are new.

20 points to the first person that can identify Dorabeci Lake.

Mackenzie area available in high def

This is the area available in high def, click to go to "Flashearth"


June 3, 2010

British Guiana Airways Limited

I’ve added a page for British Guiana Airways Limited, click on photo to goto the page.

In the photo below check out that airplane beside Art Williams, it is an Ireland flying boat.

Grumman Goose Docking at Mackenzie, British Guiana

Art Williams Ad in The Montreal Gazette 1935

You just have to wonder what Art was doing advertising in the Montreal gazette (That’s Montreal, Canada). He mentions “Georgetown B.G.” as if everyone would know where that is.

December 2, 2009

Finding the Wreck of the R.H. Carr

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The intrepid John and Pauline Grimshaw did a little poking around during their recent trip to Guyana. With the assistance of A. Mazaharally & Sons they visited the old wreck of the R.H. Carr, reputed to be located at Skull Point, now confirmed.

John says “I think Skull Point is on the Cuyuni River, just upstream from its confluence with the Mazaruni River”.

Pauline also took a bunch of still photos…

Click the following photo to go to the R.H. Carr page where you can view the video and some of the photos.

R.H. Carr at Skull Point on the Cuyuni River, Guyana

The last remains of the R.H. Carr at Skull Point on the Cuyuni River, Guyana, 2009-10-21 (photo Pauline)

The R.H. Carr page has been suitably updated with the news.

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