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June 8, 2010

The Golden Arrow of Courage

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Philip Jardim, a former Pilot with BG Airways has sent in a short story he wrote covering some of the involvement of BG Airways in the Rupununi Rebellion of 1969. I’ve added Philip’s short story to the BG Airways page, click this link to go there.

The photo of the Rupununi below, is from Pauline’s Guyana 2009 collection, I just love the title.

Karanambu Airstrip, Departure Lounge, Guyana

Karanambu Airstrip, Departure Lounge (photo Pauline)


June 4, 2010

Trams of British Guiana

Peter Halder fired over an interesting link to the Tramways of British Guiana by Allen Morrison (Click photo below to go to the article, it’s well done, and has a good map of the tram lines in Georgetown).

Coincidently, while scouring the net for info on BG Airways I ran into a related article in The Montreal Gazette from Dec 3, 1935. They reported that in 1930 the Demerara Electric Company (A Canadian Company) after 30 years of operation closed the tramway service. The track was purchased by Edward Sill who employed about a third for use in his lumber operation at Sandhills, 30 miles up the Demerara river from Georgetown, the rest was sold to Japanese interests. Edward Sill’s lumber operation at Sandhills provided wood fuel to the Demerara Electric Company supplying electricty to Georgetown. The Gazette went on to say that Wallaba wood could be burned green and that two and three quarter ton of Wallaba wood provided as much heat as one ton of the best Welsh coal.

Another interesting British Guiana article also from The Montreal Gazette Nov 6, 1935.

Tram number 14 in Georgetown, British Guiana

Trams of British Guiana (click photo to goto the article)

June 3, 2010

British Guiana Airways Limited

I’ve added a page for British Guiana Airways Limited, click on photo to goto the page.

In the photo below check out that airplane beside Art Williams, it is an Ireland flying boat.

Grumman Goose Docking at Mackenzie, British Guiana

Art Williams Ad in The Montreal Gazette 1935

You just have to wonder what Art was doing advertising in the Montreal gazette (That’s Montreal, Canada). He mentions “Georgetown B.G.” as if everyone would know where that is.

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