Guyana Then And Now

October 8, 2014

Rooftop View

Thomas Hasek dropped by and offered to fire over a photo of a painting he has by Peter Andersen. When I first saw it in my email box I immediately recognized its rather unique view, but Thomas had already clued me into the subject matter, so my reaction doesn’t really count. What say you, answer on the other side of the photo.

Kitty Roofs, Georgetown Guyana circa 1966

Kitty Skyline, Kitty, being the first residential area of Georgetown going east on the seawall roughly 2 kilo meters from the Demerara River.

Thomas, then sent over another photo of a tea towel. Now, this one brought back memories of learning the brand new Guyana national anthem in school circa 1966.

Commemorative Tea Towel

Commemorative Tea Towel


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